The Madrid City Council announces the provisional programme for the Madrid Mobility Summit 2021

The Madrid Mobility Summit 2021 will include five sessions on mobility, redistributed among May 4th, 11th and 18th and June 1st.

The Madrid City Council presents the programme of the annual Madrid Mobility Summit 2021 meeting, which focuses on the latest global trends on how to approach mobility to citizens, and will include the following five sessions, redistributed among three days:

  • Session 1: Today’s mobility / Towards less congested and safer cities
  • Session 2: Shared mobility / “Mobility as a service”
  • Session 3: Sustainable mobility / Low emissions cities with micro mobility
  • Session 4: Tomorrow’s mobility / “CCAM mobility”
  • Session 5: International references / Urban planning

The Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida will preside the opening ceremony of MMS 2021. During the following 3 days, Borja Carabante, councillor for the department of environment and mobility of Madrid, will present the Strategy of environmental sustainability of Madrid 360. During the first session there will be interventions, along with Borja Carabante, of Javier Rodríguez Hernández, deputy director of traffic management and taxi services, and Juan Corro, technology director of Madrid’s municipal transport company (EMT).

The second session will have the participation of Carlos Mateo, director of mobility services of EMT, who will present BiciMAD.go (electric bicycle service without a fixed base), and Marta Alonso, general manager of traffic management and surveillance, who will give a talk on management of the municipal council on shared mobility services.

During the third session, focused on sustainable mobility and cities with a low carbon footprint, there will be lectures by Alfonso Sánchez Vicente, manager at EMT, Luis Miguel Martínez Palencia, of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium, José Amador Fernández, assistant director of environmental control and sustainability, and Gonzalo Fernández, assistant director of general services at EMT.

The fourth session will focus on future mobility and on “CCAM Mobility” or cooperative, connected and automated mobility, with the participation of companies, stakeholders and change agents to offer their vision and considerations on future mobility. This session will have the participation of Lola Ortiz, general director of mobility planning and infrastructures, and Abel Bueno, general director of transports and mobility of the Community of Madrid.

In the last session, focused on international references and urban planning, there will be interventions by Jorge Serrano Leal, technical director of the Castellana Norte district business area, José María Ortega, general coordinator of urban development of the Madrid City Council and Susana Magro, assistant director of mobility and transport planning.

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