The Madrid City Council launches the Madrid Mobility 360 app

24 Feb 2021

The app Madrid Mobility 360 plans urban routes upon calculation of occupancy levels of bus lines.

The Madrid Mobility 360 application offers persons who wish to travel within Madrid the possibility of checking on their mobile device the best possible combination of mobility upon evaluation of all available transport means in the city. This means that users can select the most suitable route taking into account economic cost and time available.

Moreover, according to the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida on the day of its release, this application is adapted to a post-COVID-19 city, as it offers the citizens the choice which bus to take according to the level of occupancy. The Mayor also stressed the intermodality of the application, as it “for the very first time incorporates each and every mobility means without a fixed base, such as shared cars, scooters or bicycles”.

Madrid Mobility 360 also shows information on occupancy when the user selects a stop by means of an icon with four occupancy levels. This implies that users waiting at a stop can decide whether to take the first bus or wait for the next one.

The Madrid Mobility 360 application is available, free of charge, for download on iOS and Android.

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