The registration period for sponsors of the Madrid Mobility Summit 2021 is now open

25 Feb 2021

The registration period for the Madrid Mobility Summit 2021 forum will remain open for sponsorship applications until April 15th.

Throughout the past years, Madrid has arisen as one of the leading cities as far as mobility is concerned, both on national and international level, offering solutions adapted to the needs of its citizens and visitors by new developments and paradigms regarding mobility. The Madrid Mobility Summit 2021 is part of this innovative context and seeks to become the annual national and international meeting forum for all stakeholders related to mobility offering a multidisciplinary approach. The very first edition of this mega-event will have a completely digital and virtual format supported by the Technical institute itafec.

itafec has developed a recording system which enables generation of digital files of the event, of the highest quality, without the need for any displacement whatsoever, which allows for full remote management and development.

Moreover, thanks to VR/3D technology, itafec also offers the possibility of virtual participation in the forum by means of a customised avatar to access conferences, pose questions to the speakers, chat with other attendants (executives, scholars, public administrations), visit booths of different entities, and many more options, just like during in-person events.

This technology converts virtual events in replicas of in-person events, while maintaining maximum safety of the attendants, without the need for any displacement whatsoever. Adoption of this technology is a guarantee of total success.

Please visit the three different participation options (Bronze, Silver and Golden) which are available for the sponsors at: https://madridmobilitysummit.com

The deadline for submitting applications finalises next April 15th. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact itafec@itafec.es, send a specific mail on VR/3D to realidadvirtual@itafec.com or pose your questions via the online chat at itafec.com

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